Achieve Lean Energy Operations with Diagnose, Balance, and Elevate

How Root3 Works:

We are using big data and advanced analytics to reinvent energy management and to help your energy operations become lean.

Our DIAGNOSE energy assessment service rapidly collects big data from all your energy systems, compiles it into an easy-to-understand report and runs analytics to quickly measure and assess your entire energy management efforts.


Our cloud-based BALANCE software runs multi-factor engineering analysis behind the scenes, provides real-time energy management recommendations and shows you immediate cost savings on one neatly-designed, user-friendly dashboard. It also measures how well your people are working with your machines to deliver reliable, cost-effective energy to your site.

Our ELEVATE software leverages data from BALANCE to help you gain insight into your energy operations and do strategic planning ten times faster, helping plant managers run scenarios and studies.

For Managers and Executives
For Business Managers

Get Leaner, Quicker

Lean energy operations has real value for your energy operations. The leaner your operations get, the less you spend on OPEX and the more you reduce CAPEX. Root3 is focused on helping you get there – quickly. Three steps to lean energy operations without a single piece of hardware to install. Yes, we just made it that simple.

For site Engineers
For Engineers

A Virtual Engineering Assistant

You have a tough job. We make it easier with the ability look at your energy operations as a whole, right in a single, cloud-based dashboard, and make incremental adjustments to your entire system – from your control room or from your smartphone. With Root3, you have the power to make your company leaner – and you don’t have to spend a fortune or wait months for installation.

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Turn Big Data Into Budget Dollars

At the University of Chicago the big data that used to be fairly inaccessible to the utilities team now arrives in a form that operating engineers can access and act on every hour of every day.